Monday, June 1, 2009

I passed my motorcycle class!

I've been around motorcycles most of my adult life, but always as a passenger. I've tried riding a few times in my life, like in parking lots, etc., but never really learned enough to go out on the roads by myself. I bought a 250cc scooter a couple of years ago to save on gas and I ride it to and from work. Here in Wisconsin, you need a motorcycle license to drive anything over a 99cc engine. So, I took a motorcycle safety course at our local tech college. Once you pass the class, they give you a waiver to take to DMV to get your license (you don't have to take the road test). It was a fun class and I am glad I took it. They teach you a lot of emergency maneuvers, which I really wanted to learn in a controlled environment (not on the road with real obstacles). So, hopefully in the near future, I can upgrade my scooter to a real bike!

Sitting on a Harley at the Harley Davidson Museum Milwaukee WI!