Monday, June 1, 2009

I passed my motorcycle class!

I've been around motorcycles most of my adult life, but always as a passenger. I've tried riding a few times in my life, like in parking lots, etc., but never really learned enough to go out on the roads by myself. I bought a 250cc scooter a couple of years ago to save on gas and I ride it to and from work. Here in Wisconsin, you need a motorcycle license to drive anything over a 99cc engine. So, I took a motorcycle safety course at our local tech college. Once you pass the class, they give you a waiver to take to DMV to get your license (you don't have to take the road test). It was a fun class and I am glad I took it. They teach you a lot of emergency maneuvers, which I really wanted to learn in a controlled environment (not on the road with real obstacles). So, hopefully in the near future, I can upgrade my scooter to a real bike!

Sitting on a Harley at the Harley Davidson Museum Milwaukee WI!


  1. I would love to get my motorcycle license! I used to ride my brothers dirt bike, but unfortunately it costs a fortune to license them up here for only 5 months of riding if we're lucky.

  2. Oh - I meant to say THANK YOU for adding my button to your side bar!

  3. You're welcome, Audrey! I love your blogs! Hey, our motorcycling season is pretty short around here, too, but it's affordable to license, though. As soon as it's "warm" enough in the Spring (like in the high 40's or low 50's Fahrenheit), the bikers are out, even with snow still on the ground!


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