Monday, November 23, 2009

My Favorite Thanksgiving Finds

I'm a Martha Stewart wannabe..........though I would never admit it outloud! I always record her holiday specials and watch them enthusiastically. I'm also a fan of her daughter's show, "Whatever, Martha"! Even if you are not a fan of Martha, you have to admit, her shows are very inspirational for the cook, artist/crafter and do-it-yourselfer at heart!

I found this neat Thanksgiving craft idea on her website. It's simple, yet elegant. And you can add your own special touches, such as attaching a photo of the person, scrapbooking elements, stickers or clipart, glitter, etc. You could also "guild" the leaves by spray painting them with gold metallic paint or embellish with a paint pen or use the good old glue and glitter method.

Leaf Place Cards

Direct guests to their seats with name cards topped by leaves that look like they just blew in. To make each card, fold a piece of brown cover-weight card stock in half. Write guest's name with a white gel pen. Cut 1 or 2 notches (about 1 inch wide) in card, at an angle. Slide fallen leaves -- fresh or dried and pressed -- into each notch.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dairyland Greyhound Park closing down....

Dairyland Greyhound Park in Kenosha, WI is closing down after 19 years due to operating in the red in recent years. Both of my daughters worked there as dog lead-outs. Opinions about gambling aside, there are hundreds of dogs that will need a new home! According to our local newspaper, "Roughly 850 to 900 greyhounds reside in Dairyland’s 12 kennels. About 25 to 30 percent of them — the top racers — will move on to other tracks, while the rest will be “petted out” to adoption agencies." That's a lot of dogs! If I didn't already own 3 dogs, I would definitely adopt one myself! If you've been thinking about adopting a dog or know someone that is, please be sure to consider adopting a retired greyhound. And with the track closing down as of 12/31/2009, new homes are needed badly!

According to Dairyland's website: "On the track, the racing greyhound is known for his speed, intelligence and love of the chase. An incomparable performer, the greyhound's ability is often measured in terms of desire and spirit. A greyhound's trainer calls it “heart.” And when the time comes for the canine athlete to retire, again, his heart shows. Through active programs designed to place retired greyhounds into homes as pets, thousands of families across the country have discovered what the greyhound trainers have known all along: That the greyhound's “heart” beats on long after his racing days are through. Off the track, the greyhound is a quiet, sensitive, playful and loving creature. Gentle with children, eager to please, and affectionate with one and all, the greyhound is the perfect pet and companion. We at Dairyland Greyhound Park invite you to bring a loving and gentle retired greyhound into your home and into your life."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Favorite Finds #7

Who Can Resist A Kiss?
A Hershey's chocolate kiss, that is! They are one of my favorites! When I was young and a Girl Scout, maybe even a Brownie, I remember doing this project! And over the years, I have done this same project with my daughters. Our version used green crepe paper to wrap the cone and then we pinned on peppermint candies using straight pins (that way, you could remove and eat the candies safely). This version is for decorative purposes only, but, with a few minor adjustments (no hot glue, use straight pins instead to attach candies), you can remove and safely eat the kisses! Try an Autumn version by using the kisses wrapped in the fall colors of gold, brown, copper, etc.

One 12 x 4-inch Styrofoam cone
Aluminum foil
4 bags ( 13 oz. each) HERSHEY'S KISSES Chocolates, wrapped in green, red and silver foil
Glue (low heat gun, non-toxic craft glue, glue stick or confectioners' glue)
Ice cream cones

1. Cover foam cone with foil.
2. Decorate cone with green foil-wrapped chocolates by gluing flat side against the foil-covered cone. Use the remaining red and silver chocolates to decorate the tree. Insert one end of a toothpick into the side of each chocolate; insert other end into the foam cone, filling in the gaps between the green foil chocolates.
3. Place a cheerful bow at top of tree.
4. Glue remaining chocolates to ice cream cones to create your fantasy forest!
Finished dimension of large tree: 14 inches high.
*Completed craft is for decorative purpose only and candy should not be eaten.