Thursday, October 4, 2012

Democrat or Republican? Not me!

This was written in 2002. Sounds like it was written yesterday. Voting Republican or Democrat is NOT going to change ANYTHING!  

We need a big change in this country. Stop voting for the lesser of two evils. Neither party is for "the people"...they are only in it for their own political career and to pay back favors for them getting there!   Instead, do a "write-in" and vote for them.  Even though they will probably not win, high numbers of write-ins will get the message out there that this country is tired of the "status-quo".  Neither parties are what they used to be.  Campaigns are all about mud-slinging lies and falsehoods, nothing else.  Both parties claim they will bring jobs back, cut taxes, etc.  Yeah, right.  Like they have a say so in any of that.  It's scary to see people idolizing these candidates, as if they're going to save them personally.  Get a clue.  They do NOT care about you, unless you're one of the 1 percent and are contributing to their campaign funds.  Stop following blindly and start voting for someone that WILL make a difference.    

"I'm Marni, and I approve this message." 

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