Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First Craft Show of the Year

I will be doing my first craft show of the year this next month. The last time I was in this particular show, I experienced bad weather for the first time! "There is a slight chance for rain or a thunderstorm this afternoon", it was predicted by the local weatherman. I didn't take it to heart because this is Wisconsin, for goodness sakes. If you worry about it too much, it doesn't happen. I brought the normal supplies for my craft shows (a tarp, bungee cords, etc.). Since we were on grass, I staked my shelter. It was a nice day. Many people were out and about. I was having pretty decent sales. I wasn't even thinking about the possibility of bad weather. Then, as the early afternoon came upon us, you could see dark clouds off in the distance. Rumblings of thunder could be heard, too. You could hear vendors and shoppers alike asking if they should stay or should they go. People were calling friends and families to have them check the weather reports. Some of the vendors started to pack up. Other's started to put up their shelter walls and cover up their products. I decided to tough it out, but I didn't bring my shelter walls. I did have my extra long tarp though. The vendor right next to me offered me the use of her clamps she had to secure my tarp around my shelter as a wall. Within minutes, the clouds were over us and a clap of thunder scared everyone. Then the rain poured! Luckily, it wasn't windy, but there was still enough of a breeze for the rain to fall at an angle and get inside the shelter. It rained so hard, it was flooding the park! As it was pouring, there were still vendors running to their vehicles with their stuff! They were soaked! Well, as fast as it came, it left, and the sun was shining again within a half hour after the storm moved out over Lake Michigan. All the remaining vendors took down their walls, dried off their stuff and were ready for business again. And the shoppers returned! It was an exciting day, to say the least. And I learned many lessons, too. The biggest lesson for me was, if the weatherman predicts a 1% chance of any kind of weather (rain, snow, wind, heat), I will consider it as a 100% chance and bring everything that I will need to get through it!

**If you happen to be in the area and find me and mention my Etsy shop or my blog, I will give you a $1.00 off discount for every $5.00 purchased!**
Good Old Summertime Art Fair
Held by the Friends of the Kenosha Art Association
Sunday, June 7, 2009 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Civic Center Park, rain or shine
Downtown Kenosha (56th Street & Sheridan Road)

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