Monday, May 18, 2009


Boy, I wish I could have gotten to my camera fast enough this morning! I was looking out the window into the backyard when I saw a squirrel. He was sitting on the beat up old garden swing (self standing with cushions). In his mouth, he had a rather large ball of what appeared to be cotton! Upon closer observation, I realized he was gathering the stuffing from the seat cushions! Luckily, the swing is on it's way to the dump soon because it is weather beaten and the cushions are tore up. The squirrel then crawled up to the top of the fence and scurried away to his nest. My daughter and I were joking how that squirrel family will have the "cushiest" nest around! I'll be curious to see how much stuffing the squirrel will take from that old swing. At least we are sort of recycling before the swing ends up in the dump!

**Update: The swing was acquired by our local "junk man" that goes around and goes through people's trash and then brings stuff to the recycling center for cash. So, we helped out our neighbors, both wild AND tame! LOL! 7/28/2009


  1. Love those wily squirrel stories. they are really such funny creatures.

  2. Oh how fun to have seen the little guy. :)


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